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Elections in Ecuador and Peru: Victory for Lasso and First Place for Castillo

In an interview with CGTN America, Michael Shifter discussed the recent elections in Ecuador and Peru. In the former, Guillermo Lasso won the race despite lagging behind Andrés Arauz in the polls, and in Peru, Pedro Castillo unexpectedly won the first round of voting, with Keiko Fujimori coming in second.

Michael Shifter, Rachelle Akuffo

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Ecuadorean presidential candidate Andrés Arauz celebration his first-round victory.

Who Is in the Best Position to Win Ecuador’s Runoff?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on Ecuador’s presidential election results and April 11 runoff.

Beatrice Rangel, Daniela Chacón Arias, Ramiro Crespo, Carlos de la Torre, Francisco X. Swett, Grace Jaramillo

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