Anticorruption, Transparency and Integrity in the Americas

The Dialogue’s Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program and the Inter-American Development Bank hosted a series of events focused on addressing issues of corruption in the Americas to identify lessons learned from recent corruption cases, analyze continued challenges, and outline the agenda for future reform.

Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program, Inter-American Development Bank

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Hacking Corruption

A report analyzing the opportunities and challenges involved in utilizing new technologies to combat corruption in public procurement in Latin America.

Tamar Ziff, Maria Fernanda Pérez Argüello

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Peruvian Politics Under Strain

A year and a half into his term, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s government is in crisis over revelations that the president accepted payments connected to the Odebrecht corruption scandal.

Luis Carlos Battista

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Harnessing the Anti-Corruption Wave in Latin America

On September 22, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted Jose Ugaz, the chairman of Transparency International. Ugaz answered questions about the nature of today’s corruption scandals, highlighting the Odebrecht case in Brazil that has implicated a number of other countries in Latin America.

Anastasia Sendoun

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The Fight Against Corruption in Colombia

On July 7, the Woodrow Wilson Center and the Inter-American Dialogue invited Fernando Carrillo Flórez and Edgardo Maya Villazón, the respective Colombian Inspector and Comptrollers Generals, to address the growing issue of corruption in Colombia and their plans to solve it.

Alex Sadler

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Odebrecht: un escándalo con múltiples aristas

Las proporciones del caso Odebrecht han puesto de manifiesto una red de sobornos para obtener licitaciones de obras públicas, que implica prácticamente a una docena de países y que compromete a buena parte de la clase política latinoamericana, al más alto nivel. Peter Hakim comenta sobre el caso.

Peter Hakim, Orlando Torricelli

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Corrupción en Latinoamérica y Colombia ‘País del Año’

En este programa de Club de Prensa, Michael Shifter y otros expertos debaten temas como la corrupción en América Latina, en particular en Brazil, o el anuncio por ‘The Economist’ de Colombia como ‘País del Año’

Michael Shifter

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