New Colombian peace deal

More than five decades of war appears to be over as the Colombian Congress ratifies a new peace deal with FARC rebels. The new deal includes 50 changes to an initial one narrowly rejected by voters in October. Michael Shifter analyzes.

Michael Shifter

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A Conversation with Colombian Ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzón

On October 20, the Inter-American Dialogue held a private conversation with Juan Carlos Pinzón, Colombia’s Ambassador to the United States. Private sector and non-governmental leaders, as well as independent analysts, engaged in a frank exchange with Ambassador Pinzón about the future of the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC, after the ‘No’ vote won in the national plebiscite held on October 2nd.

Andrea Mendez

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Colombia celebrates peace, and deserves it

The agreement signed yesterday by the government and the FARC is one of the few pieces of good news in a tumultuous world. It is a historic achievement for Colombia, one that should be celebrated and recognized for putting to end to an armed conflict that has plagued the country for more than half a century.

Michael Shifter

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