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Between Radicalization and Prospects for Change in Nicaragua

To discuss the implications of the release of political prisoners in Nicaragua, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted a hybrid event titled “Between Radicalization and Prospects for Change in Nicaragua” on February 10, 2023. 

Gina Kawas

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Cover photo Dimmed Econ Growth Report

Dimmed Economic Growth Prospects in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a country where democracy and economic policy have been criminalized because the independence of state institutions is absent. The Ortega-Murillo family has chosen to enact laws that protect the status quo and not the public good. This report makes recommendations that would help ensure economic stability.

Manuel Orozco

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Will El Salvador Reach a Lending Deal With the IMF?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on the possibility of an IMF lending program for El Salvador.

Ilan Goldfajn, Brendan McKenna, Ricardo Castaneda, Siobhan Morden

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The International Monetary Fund and the government of Ecuadorean President Lenín Moreno agreed on the terms of a loan deal in March. // File Photo: Ecuadorean Economy.

Will Protesters Reverse Ecuador’s Economic Reforms?

What actions has Ecuador’s government taken to comply with its commitments under the IMF agreement, and have they been successful?

Mauricio Pozo, Caterina Costa de García, Juan J. Paz-y-Miño Cepeda

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The “Other” Latin America

The formal launching of CELAC revealed the strength of regionalism in Latin America.

Michael Shifter

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