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Biden: Windows of Opportunity for Latin America

President Joe Biden didn’t waste any time using his office and authority to set out an ambitious agenda and send a clear message to the American people and the world: under his administration, the US would adopt a very different tone and style – and pursue a notably different policy course – than Donald Trump.

Michael Shifter

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Joe Biden habla en un evento de 2019

Joe Biden, Friend of Latin America

When President Biden takes office in January, he will not approach Latin America with a blank checkbook or magic formulas for hemispheric comity and recovery, but he will offer his characteristic humanity, his belief in the region’s promise, and his administration’s steadfast engagement.

Michael Camilleri

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Anxiety at the Summit of the Americas

Although perhaps justified by the tragic events in Syria, President Trump’s last-minute decision to skip the eighth Summit of the Americas, which begins this week in Lima, Peru, was discouraging to his Latin American and Caribbean counterparts.

Michael Shifter, Peter Hakim

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Can Trump Succeed at the Summit of the Americas?

Before the president’s trip to Lima—his first to the region—the administration should take a close look at why US credibility in Latin America is at historic lows.

Ben Raderstorf

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Bridging the Divides at the Summit of the Americas

On January 22, the Dialogue held an open discussion on how the various stakeholders in the VIII Summit of the Americas could unite around common anticorruption goals. 

Martín Rodríguez Nuñez

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Private Roundtable with Ricardo Luna

The Inter-American Dialogue hosted a private roundtable event featuring Ricardo Luna, the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Relations. The discussion highlighted the Minister’s position on the best way for the international community to handle the crisis in Venezuela and how to confront infrastructural-based corruption throughout Latin America. Minister Luna also addressed some of the upcoming plans his government has in its preparation to host the eighth Summit of the Americas next March in Lima.

Alex Sadler

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Cuba & the US Rejoin the Hemisphere

The historic rapprochement between Cuba and the US will have permanent implications for hemispheric relations.

Peter Hakim

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Beyond the Summit

The gap between the US and Latin America has narrowed, but it is far from disappearing.

Michael Shifter

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Civil Society & the Summit of the Americas

This closed-door session offered an opportunity for US government officials to present their priorities for the upcoming Summit of the Americas.

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