Will Bolsonaro’s Legal Troubles Energize His Base?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on the investigation into the former Brazilian president’s alleged attempt to overturn his country’s 2022 elections.

Joel Korn, Rubens Barbosa, Cecília Godoy, Gilberto M.A. Rodrigues

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U.S. Pressure on Venezuela Could Backfire

More regional governments are waking up to Venezuela’s disaster and are willing to do something about it. If Washington assumes a more unilateral, interventionist stance, progress could stall, drawing the United States and a transformed Latin America further apart.

Michael Shifter

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The Political Crisis in Ecuador: A Conversation with José Miguel Insulza

At the Inter-American Dialogue, José Miguel Insulza described the events of September 30, in which Ecuadoran police brought the country to a standstill after they rioted and trapped President Rafael Correa in a Quito hospital for several hours.

Bridget O'Loughlin

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New Faces, New Policies in Region

Politics is swirling everywhere. Such are the ways of democracies, especially when oppositions come alive and defeat or threaten incumbents.

Marifeli Pérez-Stable

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