Lisa Viscidi speaks about a potential green recovery in Latin America at a webinar hosted by LSE. Video

Stimulating a Green Recovery in Latin America

On February 9, the Latin America and Caribbean Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science hosted an event at which Lisa Viscidi spoke about how revenue from extractive industries can be used to accelerate climate change mitigation and adaptation in Colombia and Peru.

Lisa Viscidi

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Book Talk: ‘Silver, Sword, and Stone’ by Marie Arana

The Dialogue hosted a book talk with Marie Arana, author of “Silver, Sword, and Stone: Three Crucibles in the Latin American Story”. In this book, Arana weaves three modern stories with the history of the past millennium to explain three enduring themes that have defined Latin America since pre-Columbian times: the foreign greed for its mineral riches, an ingrained propensity to violence, and the abiding power of religion.

Taylor Savell

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