Venezuela’s Oil Sector: On the Brink of Collapse?

Venezuela’s oil industry has been in decline for years due to mismanagement and lack of investment. But this year, the industry’s problems seem to have multiplied as a result of the sharp decline in global oil prices.

Rebecca O’Connor

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A Difficult Balancing Act

After winning a second term, the hard work now begins for President Juan Manuel Santos.

Lisa Viscidi

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Is Petrobras on the Right Track?

How bad is Petrobras’ situation today, and what bright spots are on the horizon?

Lisa Viscidi, Francisco Ebeling Barros, João Augusto de Castro Neves, Theodore M. Helms

What is the Outlook for Colombia’s Oil Sector?

What is the outlook for Ecopetrol and the Colombian oil sector in the short to medium term?

Alicia Puyana, Daniel E. Velandia O., Joydeep Mukherji, Luis E. Giusti, Rodrigo Villamizar

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