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Latin America After Covid-19: Just as Heterogeneous, Fragmented, and Irrelevant as Before…So Now What?

How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect Latin America’s insertion with the world? Andrés Malamud explored this topic in the book ‘Unfulfilled Promises’ in 2019. Today he reflects on how the pandemic has changed none of the trends he then identified. Rather, it has highlighted all of them: at the global level, we witness increasing multipolarity, failure of multilateral cooperation, and a Sino-American power transition; in Latin America, we observe structural heterogeneity, political fragmentation, and geopolitical irrelevance. Let us elaborate.

Andrés Malamud

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A Requiem for UNASUR

The unraveling of UNASUR—perhaps the most ambitious attempt at Latin American integration in recent times—is another sign that Latin America’s much-vaunted solidarity has splintered.

Bruno Binetti, Ben Raderstorf

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Venezuela, Luis Almagro, y la OEA

En esta entrevista en vivo con CCN en Español, Michael Shifter, presidente del Dialogo Interamericano, analiza la intervención de Delcy Rodriguez y su pedido de destitución del Secretario General de la OEA, Luis Almagro.

Michael Shifter

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Tal como va, el diálogo en Venezuela no llegará a nada

A pesar de que todos los países de América Latina se han comprometido formalmente a adoptar medidas colectivas para corregir los quebrantamientos de la democracia, se ignoraron las crecientes violaciones de los derechos humanos y el orden democrático en Venezuela.

Peter Hakim

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Here’s How Venezuela Can Move Forward

It’s time for the leaders of the Caracas government and its opponents to begin negotiating a way back from the abyss.

Abraham Lowenthal

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Rising Brazil: The Choices Of A New Global Power

What should we expect from a newly powerful Brazil? Does the country have the capacity and leadership to be a central actor in addressing critical global and regional problems?

Peter Hakim

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