Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro was seriously wounded in a knife attack. // Photo: @FlavioBolsonaro.

How Will the Latest Developments Alter the Race in Brazil?

With Lula out of the race and Bolsonaro in the hospital after a knife attack, how is Brazil’s October presidential election shaping up?

Peter Hakim, Monica de Bolle, Jana Nelson, Erich Decat, Mauricio Santoro

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The Olympics Will Be Fine; Worry about Brazil

Since the modern Olympics were initiated in Athens in 1896, none of the 25 or so countries that have hosted the games have done so while confronting the political turmoil and economic distress now battering Brazil. Regardless, the games are likely to be a success, as the Olympics almost always…

Peter Hakim

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Rising Brazil: The Choices Of A New Global Power

What should we expect from a newly powerful Brazil? Does the country have the capacity and leadership to be a central actor in addressing critical global and regional problems?

Peter Hakim

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A Disappointing First Year: Obama & Latin America

Inter-American relations have taken a disappointing course for the Obama Administration. The US has suffered several political setbacks in the region and little progress has been made on most of the “legacy” issues that Obama inherited.

Peter Hakim

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