Hepatitis C, viruses of which are pictured above, primarily affects the liver and is spread through blood-to-blood contact. // Image: AJC1 via Creative Commons.

Is Hepatitis C the New Health Priority for the Americas?

How big of a problem is hepatitis C in Latin America? What kinds of efforts should countries and the private sector make to fight it?

Andrew Rudman, Katherine E. Bliss, Ryan McKeel, Núria Homedes, Carl Meacham

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Which Candidate Will Emerge Victor in Brazil?

Sunday’s results ended the campaign of Marina Silva. What were the reasons behind her defeat?

Peter Hakim, Carlos Eduardo Lins da Silva, Riordan Roett, Richard Feinberg


A New Course for Brazil?

Even though Dilma continues to stand strong in the face of a deteriorating economy, bleak growth outlooks call for major policy changes.

Marielle Coutrix

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