Cuban Voices: Paths to the Future

El 12 de abril de 2016, el Diálogo Interamericano sostuvo un conversatorio con representantes del grupo Cuba Posible, sobre el camino al futuro de Cuba.

Diana Jordán

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Obama & Latin America: New Beginnings, Old Frictions

Today, signs of frustration are unmistakable in Washington and in many Latin American capitals, despite Obama’s immense personal appeal and the continued promise of a more productive partnership.

Michael Shifter

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Can Spain Solve the Cuba Problem?

By all accounts, Spain wants to bring change to the European Union’s Cuba policy. In so doing, it is tackling a foreign policy challenge that often sheds more heat than light.

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Cuba, Venezuela & the Americas: A Changing Landscape

Wide ranging analysis of the bilateral relationship between Cuba and Venezuela, examining the domestic political implications for both countries, the impact on hemispheric affairs, and the significance for U.S. policy in Latin America.

Damian Fernandez

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