China & the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Will the TPP and RCEP be promoting of greater integration or of disintegration in the Asia-Pacific region?

Margaret Myers, Adrian H. Hearn

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China, América Latina & Chile 2030

Las exportaciones a China de América Latina pasaron de 6 mil millones a 140 mil millones de dólares, 23 veces entre esos años, cifras raramente vistas en el comercio internacional. Los efectos han sido sustanciales.

Sergio Bitar

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China-LAC: Enduring Challenges

How will increasing Asian investment in Latin America influence economics and politics in the region?

Margaret Myers

Interviews ˙ ˙ Hunton & Williams

European & US Policies Converge in Latin America

Despite the many reasons for divergent approaches to Latin America, the US and EU relationships with Latin America turn out to be strikingly similar, and they are continuing to converge.

Peter Hakim

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The Obama Administration: A Difficult Year in Latin America

2009 has not been a good year for U.S.-Latin America relations. Despite their warm welcome at the April Summit, Latin America’s governments made life more difficult than anticipated for President Obama.

Peter Hakim

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What Would the U.S. IDEA Act Mean for Ecuador?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on the IDEA Act, a bill the U.S. Congress is considering, and which would make Ecuador an eligible beneficiary of the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act.

Ivonne A-Baki, Felipe Espinosa, G. Philip Hughes, Santiago Mosquera

Latin America Advisor ˙

Photo of Wang Wenbin

What Will Honduras Gain By Establishing Ties With China?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on Honduras’ move to establish ties with China, which would imply a break with Taiwan.

Margaret Myers, Alicia García-Herrero, Jiang Shixue, Ray Walser, Lin Hua, Mitch Hayes

Latin America Advisor ˙

Photo of Great Hall of the People

China y América Latina, ‘terra ignota’

Latinoamérica seguirá siendo un proveedor esencial de materias primas para China, un mercado destacado para sus tecnologías y una región clave para su política exterior.

Margaret Myers

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Photo of 20th Party Congress

A Rough Road Ahead for China-Latin America Relations?

Xi’s work report, which was delivered during the Party Congress, and Chinese officials’ interpretations of it, will shape the country’s domestic and foreign policy in the coming months and years, and, though not expressly focused on China’s plans for overseas engagement, will also have major implications for Latin America and other regions.

Margaret Myers

Articles & Op-Eds ˙ ˙ A Belt & Rough Road?: China-Latin America Relations