Mega-Regional Trade Negotiations

During this decade, and with particular intensity in recent months, several far-reaching trade negotiations have been in the works worldwide.

Sebastián Herreros, Osvaldo Rosales

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The FTA, Not Such a Happy Story

Someday, someone will write the objective history of the US-Colombia free trade agreement For the US, the history is not a happy one.

Michael Shifter

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The Colombia & Panama Free Trade Deals

The US is becoming more and more focused on its own problems, while increasingly middle class, globalized Latin American nations are finding new partners.

Peter Hakim

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A Conversation with Bill Richardson

As the global financial crisis continues to alter US relations with the hemisphere, greater engagement in the region remains critical to US interests.

Rachel Schwartz

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Washington’s Mixed Signals

It is not easy to interpret often mixed signals coming from Washington about US foreign policy. But with its wide-ranging agenda, Colombia seems especially complicated.

Michael Shifter

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