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Honduras: The State of Teacher Policy

This report includes findings and recommendations to strengthen teacher policies in Honduras.

Fundación para la Educación Ricardo Ernesto Maduro Andreu - FEREMA

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Professional Competency Frameworks for Early Childhood Teachers: An Exploratory Study of Five Latin American Countries

This study, prepared by Marcela Pardo and Felipe Godoy with the support of the Inter-American Dialogue and the LEGO Foundation, provides the results of an exploratory study of Latin American countries that have made significant advances in the development of competency frameworks for early childhood teachers.

Marcela Pardo, Felipe Godoy

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A Regional Approach to Improving Teacher Policy: Lessons from Latin America

The following article by Sarah Stanton, Michelle Guzmán and Lucila Malnatti hopes to make the case for a regional approach to improving teacher policy in Latin America and the Caribbean, to establish priorities in teacher excellence and address them collectively.

Sarah Stanton, Michelle Guzmán, Lucila Malnatti

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Portada declaración sobre condiciones laborales docentes

Declaration on Working Conditions and Career Advancement for Teachers

The objective of this Declaration is to promote regional dialogue about the working conditions necessary for excellent teaching, as well as to contribute to a better design, formulation, and execution of public policies.

Coalición Latinoamericana para la Excelencia Docente

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Peru: The State of Teacher Policies

What is the state of the teaching profession in Peru? A new report analyzes challenges and opportunities for teacher policies in the country.

Ricardo Cuenca, Julio César Vargas Castro

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Building Effective Teacher Policies

There is little debate regarding the importance of teachers for learning. The real question is: how can we improve their effectiveness?

Ariel Fiszbein, Belén Cumsille

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State of Teacher Policies in Central America & DR

Despite the importance of teachers in the learning process, systems for recruiting, selecting, training, and supporting teachers remain deficient

Federico Sucre, Ariel Fiszbein

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Setting the Stage for Improved Learning

Despite the importance of teachers in the learning process, systems for recruiting, selecting, training, and supporting teachers remain deficient.

Federico Sucre, Ariel Fiszbein

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Producing High-Quality Teachers

Teaching is crucial to high-quality education, yet there is little agreement on how to produce high-quality teachers

Jeffrey Puryear

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ICTs & Teacher Training

Preparing students for the 21st century requires the use of ICTs and technology in schools

Sarah Swig

En Centroamérica: PREAL impulsa nutrido debate sobre políticas docentes

El Capítulo de Centroamérica y República Dominicana del Grupo de Trabajo Profesión Docente (CCAD-GTD) de PREAL, con el patrocinio de la Coordinación de Educación y Cultura del Sistema de Integración Centroamericana (CECC/SIC), organizó para los meses de marzo y abril siete talleres nacionales sobre políticas docentes, además de una conferencia…

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Report Card on Education- Guatemala

In the last 10 years Guatemala has made great advances. The consolidation of the democratic system and the signing of the peace process have created a more favorable climate for education. However, there are still social and economic development problems. Guatemala is a country of young, multilingual and multicultural people.…

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