Natural Gas Market Outlook

Given their close proximity to the United States, LAC countries are well-positioned to capitalize on the surplus of US gas exports and current buyer’s market.

Lisa Viscidi, Carlos Sucre, Sean Karst

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Clean Energy Innovation in Latin America

In the wake of the COP21 global climate talks, governments must shift attention to how they will actually follow through on the commitments made in Paris. One concept is central to achieving that goal – innovation.

Lisa Viscidi, Justin Miller

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Teacher Training in Chile

The Chilean education system has 180,000 teachers and is divided into preschool, elementary, middle, higher, technical and adults. This paper deals with the first four levels. The first three types of schools can be municipal (state funding), private (Private funding) or private subsidized (with mixed funding). To enroll in universities, one…

Paula Louzano, Alejandro Morduchowicz

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Learning Standards in Chile

This document describes the main technical and political decision-making process for the development of  learning standards, carried out between 2002 and 2010 by the Chilean Ministry of Education. In this period, the Ministry of Education gradually developed content standards in the form of learning progress maps and performance standards such…

Jacqueline Gysling, Lorena Meckes

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Preferential School Grants in Chile

This document is an analysis of the education policy Preferential School Grant (SEP), implemented in Chile since 2008 in subjects of legislation, implementation, results, financing and transparency The SEP is conceived as a permanent policy aimed to contribute the solving of the chronic problem of results inequality in the Chilean…

Javier Corvalán R

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Investigación comparada y política educacional en Chile

Las últimas cuatro décadas han sido de grandes cambios en los sistemas escolares latinoamericanos, planteando nuevos desafíos a los investigadores educacionales de la Región. A continuación la visión de José Joaquín Brunner** sobre la base de su experiencia en Chile.   Descargue el documento completo abajo

José Joaquín Brunner

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El conflicto de los secundarios en Chile

En marzo de 2006, los estudiantes secundarios en Chile protagonizaron una fuerte movilización que comenzó con demandas de carácter económico y evolucionó hasta un cuestionamiento general de la calidad de la educación, constituyéndolo en un tema de prioridad en la agenda pública y exigiendo la búsqueda participativa de soluciones. Se…

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Charging Ahead: The Growth of Electric Car and Bus Markets in Latin American Cities

Although electric mobility is at an early stage in Latin America, several cities have made significant advances. This new report addresses a number of critical questions about electric transportation in Latin America, drawing on case studies of six urban electric car and bus markets that have seen among the fastest growth in the region.

Lisa Viscidi, Guy Edwards, Carlos Mojica

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Chile has recorded more than 20,000 cases, but only 270 deaths, one of the lowest rates in the world. // File Photo: Chilean Government.

Covid-19 in the Americas: A Case in Contrasts

Some governments in Latin America imposed early preventive measures and mobilized health systems to meet the threat of Covid-19. Meanwhile, others with populist national leaders have done very little to prepare for or otherwise mitigate the epidemic.

Julio Frenk, Felicia Marie Knaul, Michael Touchton

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