The Challenges Facing Democracy in Latin America: How to Govern Better

“I was held at three concentration camps for more than one year; the key was to survive. Then I was expelled and I lived in exile for 10 years, barred from returning to the country. Many suffered much more than I did. […] During those years, I learned another lesson: If you allow yourself to sink into the justified bitterness and let your spirit to become contaminated with a negative animus, you cannot persuade and help mobilize others to build a better society. Therefore, the task was to build a new political and social force, and to battle for a better world, in liberty, without dictatorship.” Sergio Bitar receiving the Guillermo el O´Donnell Democracy Award and Lectureship 2017

Sergio Bitar

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How Has Youth Unemployment Affected Latin America?

Is there a direct correlation between youth unemployment and the social unrest? What accounts for such high levels of youth unemployment and what effect has it had on the region?

Hans-Joachim Voth, William S. Reese, Mark Lopes, Jonas Prising