Obama & the Haitian Earthquake

When Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake, the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama quickly absorbed the depth of the tragedy and necessity of a robust U.S. response. Unless the U.S. adopts a proactive role, Haiti’s fragmented political landscape threatens to deteriorate into a political vacuum that will compound the current crisis.

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Will the New US Aid Plan for Central America Be Successful?

Will Central American governments spend the money effectively? Do the countries in the isthmus have a good plan to fight the drug cartels?

Francisco Altschul, Francisco Villagrán de León, Kevin Casas-Zamora, James M. Meyer

Washington’s Mixed Signals

It is not easy to interpret often mixed signals coming from Washington about US foreign policy. But with its wide-ranging agenda, Colombia seems especially complicated.

Michael Shifter

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PREAL proyecta su trabajo para los próximos cinco años

Con la elaboración de su plan de trabajo para los próximos 5 años, PREAL ha iniciado una nueva etapa en la cual espera consolidar los logros alcanzados y abrir nuevas alternativas para cumplir con su objetivo de promover el progreso educativo de la región. Desde que fue creado en 1995…

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