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Workforce Development in the Post-Pandemic

On September 8, the Education Program, together with Coursera, convened a public online event to present the findings of Coursera’s Global Skills Report and showcase new trends in the labor market.

Daniela Saez, Alejandra Vargas Durango, Daniela Morales

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Sánchez interviene en un evento internacional sobre el COVID-19 (25/09/2020)

Agenda Exterior: España y América Latina

En una entrevista con Política Exterior, Bruno Binetti opinó sobre la relevancia del rol de España en América Latina.

Bruno Binetti

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Five Ways Spain Can Lead on Venezuela

Over the past two weeks, Spain has become an accidental protagonist in the diplomatic efforts to end Venezuela’s crises.  The good news is that Spain is well-positioned to lead the effort to restore democracy in Venezuela. The bad news is that the Spanish government is deeply conflicted about what to do. But there are five clear ways that Spain can demonstrate that the democratic cause in Venezuela is not just a guise for U.S. adventurism. 

Irene Estefanía, Ben Raderstorf

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Ibero-American Summit Loses Steam

The Ibero-American Summit bore little resemblance in spirit and tenor to its launch in 1991. Where do Ibero-American relations stand?

Michael Shifter

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A Time for Action

Latin America inequality gap, economic integration, and infrastructure and education systems were among the issues spotlighted at the XVII Annual CAF Conference.

Mary Dempsey

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Sea Change in Spain

Latin America’s economic growth and Europe’s debt crisis have turned Ibero-American relations upside down.

Michael Shifter

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What Lessons Can Europe Learn from Latin America?

Since the global economic recession in 2008-09, several European countries have struggled with debt crises that many analysts have likened to Latin America’s struggles in past decades. What do the two situations have in common? What differentiates them?

Kevin P. Gallagher, Desmond Lachman, Daniel Marx, Mark Weisbrot

Fiscal Policy & the Poor in Latin America

Good fiscal policy not only promotes macroeconomic stability and growth, it is also a powerful tool for directly reducing poverty and inequality.

Jeffrey Puryear, Mariellen Malloy Jewers

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Europe Might Take Another Step Back

If Spain fails to have the Common Position lifted or if it succeeds and Havana again turns down European economic cooperation, then Cuba wins once more.

Marifeli Pérez-Stable

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Can Spain Solve the Cuba Problem?

By all accounts, Spain wants to bring change to the European Union’s Cuba policy. In so doing, it is tackling a foreign policy challenge that often sheds more heat than light.

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La descentralización y democratización de la educación española

España es uno de los pocos países que ha aplicado una reforma de descentralización educacional de largo alcance de manera sistemática y completa. El esfuerzo realizado en este ámbito por más de 20 años, no exento de dificultades, ha dejado importantes lecciones. Una de ellas es que la descentralización efectiva…

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