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Orozco: “OEA puede suspender a Nicaragua antes del 7 de noviembre”

En una entrevista con Carlos Fernando Chamorro para Confidencial, Manuel Orozco, senior fellow no-residente del Diálogo Interamericano, comentó acerca del creciente aislamiento internacional en el que se encuentra el régimen de Daniel Ortega, tras liquidar la vía electoral al apresar a siete precandidatos y cancelar la personería jurídica del partido Ciudadanos por la Libertad. 

Manuel Orozco, Carlos Fernando Chamorro

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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro speaking into a microphone.

Would Talks Help Solve Venezuela’s Political Crisis?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A on the prospects for political dialogue and free and fair elections in Venezuela.

Abraham Lowenthal, Vanessa Neumann, David Smilde, Marc Becker, Jennifer McCoy, Gustavo Roosen, Diego Arria

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A platform of Brazilian state oil company Petrobras is pictured.

How Hard Will the Oil Price Plunge Hit Latin America?

Which oil-producing nations in Latin America and the Caribbean will be the hardest hit by the oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia?

Lisa Viscidi, Sarah Phillips, Cleveland Jones, Chris Cote, Joel Acosta

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The International Standoff Over Venezuela

Energy Program Director Lisa Viscidi went on CGTN to discuss the latest developments in the increasingly international debate over how to peacefully resolve the crisis in embattled Venezuela. 

Lisa Viscidi

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The G20 in Buenos Aires Will Disappoint–But Not All Is Lost

In the annual meeting of the world’s largest economies, which starts on Friday in Argentina, it seemed that Latin America and its most pressing concerns – such as the crisis in Venezuela – would be the priorities. However, it is now clear that the current complex global dynamic will dominate.

Irene Estefanía, Ben Raderstorf

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