The Death of Populism?

Latin America’s left has every reason to be worried by current trends. Its power and credibility have declined sharply in many countries.

Peter Hakim

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Can Venezuela’s Elections be Clean & Fair?

The question of transparency and fairness will be paramount for both the political stability of Venezuela and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Felipe Franco Gutiérrez

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The healthy roots of corruption anger in Latin America

The emergence of this new normative edifice in favor of transparency and accountability is one of the most important, yet unsung, stories of the consolidation of democracy in Latin America.

Kevin Casas-Zamora, Miguel Carter

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Is the Left Fading Across Latin America?

Leftist governments in Latin America have suffered a series of setbacks in recent weeks. Do these developments have enough in common to signal a political shift in the region?

Peter Hakim, Andrés Rozental, Maria Velez de Berliner, Mark Weisbrot

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Are Maduro’s Days Numbered?

Given recent developments, how likely is Maduro to complete his term? What scenarios could develop that would trigger a regime change in Venezuela? What other countries have gone through similar crises as Venezuela’s, with rampant inflation and shortages of basic goods, and what do their experiences foretell about what might happen in Venezuela?

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Latin America’s Political Pendulum

The pendulum of Latin American politics is swinging rightward once again. Yet as the “pink tide” recedes, the forces of change have more to do with socioeconomics than ideology. Dramatic economic and political crises have coincided in countries like Brazil and Venezuela. Still, the final result for Latin America may be the emergence of centrist, pragmatic modes of governance, and with them, opportunities for the U.S. to improve relations. The new administration must look beyond the neoliberal model of the 1990s, and develop an approach to relations fit for the 21st century.

Michael Shifter, Bruno Binetti

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Dialogue Participates in Colombian Oil Association Conference

The hydrocarbons sector is at a turning point. Low prices and uncertain projections, competition for market share, geopolitical dynamics, growing environmental and social concerns, and questions about the future of fossil fuel and renewable energy sources necessitate analysis and discussion about the present and future of the industry and the challenges…

Lisa Viscidi

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China’s Venezuela Conundrum

The government of Nicolás Maduro has made some last-ditch efforts to cut costs and pay off debts, but it is quickly running out of lifelines.

Margaret Myers

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Vientos nuevos desde el sur

La encuesta del GDA a líderes de opinión muestra que el 2015 marcó una nueva etapa para el continente americano e ilustra los temas que serán centrales en el año que comienza. Fue un año de avances en la resolución de conflictos históricos y de cambio político en muchos países.

Michael Shifter

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Venezuela’s Political Outlook

Chávez’s sickness has exposed him as vulnerable. People are beginning to realize that he is not eternal, that his mandate is limited.

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On the Zika Crisis

Government agencies and international organizations race to find a solution given recent information about the link between Zika and neurological disorders.

Missy Reif

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Making Chávez Possible

Michael Shifter reviews a volume looking at Venezuela prior to its most famous president.

Michael Shifter

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Troubled Democratic Transitions

Democratic transitions are rarely simple or easy—but the lessons of past transitions can help guide those of the present.

Haley Florsheim

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