Chinese Finance to LAC in 2015

Chinese finance to Latin America neared $30 billion in 2015. The region has received upwards of $125 billion in finance from Chinese policy banks since 2005.

Margaret Myers, Kevin Gallagher, Fei Yuan

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Dilma and Brazil: A View from Washington

The US visit of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff nine months ago, as it turned out, had little consequence.

Peter Hakim

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Latin American Crude Oil Exports

Facing growing competition for a shrinking US market, Latin American crude oil producers are being forced to seek new export markets.

Lisa Viscidi

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Natural Gas Market Outlook

Given their close proximity to the United States, LAC countries are well-positioned to capitalize on the surplus of US gas exports and current buyer’s market.

Lisa Viscidi, Carlos Sucre, Sean Karst

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How Does the Yuan’s Fall Affect Latin America?

What actions should governments in the region be taking in light of China’s changing role in the global economy?

Pablo F.G. Bréard, Carlos Casanova, Gary Hufbauer

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Will Latin America Be the Next Global Economic Crisis?

What do countries in Latin America need to do to get their economies back on track? What is the economic outlook for the region in 2016?

Peter Hakim, Alfredo Coutiño, Joydeep Mukherji

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Will Cuba Mean Opportunity or Risk for US Banks?

What are the main challenges US banks must overcome in order to do business in Cuba?

Peter Hakim, Boris Kozolchyk, José Manuel Palli

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Mexico Energy Reform Gives Colombia the Jitters

Think-tank Inter-American Dialogue recently held a closed-door event which brought together Colombia’s new mines and energy minister, Tomás González, with CEOs, industry association heads and regulators.

In the first of a two-part series, Inter-American Dialogue’s energy, climate change and extractive industries program director Lisa Viscidi talks to BNamericas about how the Colombian government is looking to increase oil reserves and maintain competitiveness as Mexico opens its hydrocarbons market.

Lisa Viscidi, Arron Daugherty

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