Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro casting his vote in the Dec. 6 parliamentary elections. // Photo: Venezuelan Government.

Where Has Sunday’s Legislative Election Left Venezuela?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on the implications of Venezuela’s Dec. 6 parliamentary election.

Carlos Vecchio, Luis Vicente León, Marco Rubio, Vanessa Neumann, Gabriel B. Hetland, Geoff Ramsey

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Will Venezuela Be Able to Restructure Its Billions in Debt?

President Nicolás Maduro this month called for a restructuring of Venezuela’s massive debt, estimated at $120 billion. The announcement led to a selloff in the country’s bonds and was seen as a sign that Maduro’s government may finally be reaching the limits of its ability to pay its debts. Russia later agreed to a $3.5 billion debt restructuring with Venezuela. How much success will Maduro have in restructuring Venezuela’s debt, and could such a move lead Venezuela to emerge from its economic crisis?

Luis Vicente León, Richard Francis, Eva Golinger, Charles Shapiro

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