Photo of Arévalo

What Will Arévalo’s Presidency Mean for Guatemala?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on Guatemala’s presidential election.

Salvador Paiz, Stephen McFarland, Beatrice Rangel, Dinorah Azpuru, James M. Meyer

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People lining up outside a job fair in Colombia. // File Photo: Colombian Government.

Can Latin America Replace Jobs Lost in the Pandemic?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A on unemployment in the region and how to recover the 34 million jobs lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Salvador Paiz, Gimena Sánchez-Garzoli, Manuel Agosin

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Conservative Alejandro Giammattei was elected Guatemala’s president on Sunday in the country’s presidential runoff. // File Photo: Giammattei Campaign.

What Will a New President Bring to Guatemala?

To what can Giammattei attribute his victory, and what policies can Guatemalans expect during his presidency?

Salvador Paiz, Mario Polanco, James Meyer

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What Will Trump’s Presidency Mean for Central America?

Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador plan to join forces and ask for Mexico’s help in forming a strategy to respond to Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president, El Salvador’s foreign minister told Reuters Nov. 16. What should the Central American countries do in order to protect their interests during the upcoming Trump administration?

Salvador Paiz, Francisco Villagrán de León, Carlos Imendia, Mario Arana, James Meyer

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