Is the Money-Transfer Industry Facing a Shake-up?

Will PayPal become a major player in the remittances sector? To what extent will PayPal disrupt established business models in the remittances industry?

Manuel Orozco, Mario Trujillo, David Landsman, Richard Child

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Central America’s Great Crisis

Central America is not moving forward; rather, it has regressed. The region is experiencing one of the most severe crises in its history.

Manuel Orozco

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Central America in the Face of Cuban Migration

In the current international environment, any situation regarding migration turns into a diplomatic issue over border control.

Manuel Orozco

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Remittances & Financial Inclusion

Remittances can build prosperity, rather than simply sustain survival, in communities throughout Central America.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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Centroamérica en la mira

Central American migration is linked to poverty, inequality, and violence in the region.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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Bank Account Closures & Family Remittances

It has become increasingly difficult for remittance companies to access banking services. This memo analyzes current trends in bank account closures and discusses their implications for family remittances.

Manuel Orozco, Laura Porras, Julia Yansura

RIO Data Release

The following is a sample of RIO’s bi-monthly data release related to money services businesses (MSBs) and the Honduran remittance market.

Laura Porras, Manuel Orozco

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