How Should Oil Exporters Diversify Their Economies?

Have any countries in Latin America been particularly successful at diversifying their economies?

Claudio Loser, Orazio J. Bellettini Cedeño, Francisco X. Swett

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Will Macri Be Able to Make Good on His Promises?

Is Macri’s victory as historic as his supporters suggest? What changes can we anticipate in the first months of his presidency?

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Is Latin America Taking on Too Much Debt?

Bond issuance, including sovereign and corporate debt, in Latin America and the Caribbean reached $117 billion in the first 10 months of 2016, $37 billion more than for all of 2015, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean said in a Dec. 2 report. What does the higher amount of bonds issued this year say about the health of the region’s economies?

Claudio Loser, José Gonzáles, David Ross

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Is Macri Trying to Do Too Much, Too Soon in Argentina?

Argentine President Mauricio Macri’s government started negotiations Jan. 13 with creditors to end the country’s protracted dispute over repaying bondholders, which stems from Argentina’s massive 2001 default.

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Why Have Argentina and the U.S. Teamed Up on Tax Evasion?

The United States will expedite the process of sharing tax information with Argentina in an effort to combat money laundering and address tax evasion through increased information sharing, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced last month during a trip to Buenos Aires. Argentines are estimated to hold some $500 billion…

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Is Argentina’s Macri Handling the Economy Well?

On Aug. 23, the Argentine government’s statistics agency, INDEC, announced an unemployment rate of 9.3 percent, a full percentage point higher than experts projected, according to Bloomberg News. However, earlier in the month, the agency released a report showing that inflation had slowed significantly from 4.2 percent in May to 2 percent in July. How well as the administration of President Mauricio Macri, now in office for more than eight months, been handling the economy?

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Where Is Uruguay’s Economy Headed?

How important are ties with Argentina to Uruguay’s economic outlook? Will investment-grade status bring Uruguay the benefits it expects?

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What’s at Stake as Macri Meets Today With Trump?

Argentine President Mauricio Macri meets today in Washington with his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump. How have U.S.-Argentine relations fared since Macri took office in late 2015, and where are they headed during Trump’s presidency?

Claudio Loser, Santos Goñi, Megan Cook, Juan Cruz Díaz, Charles H. Blake, Felipe Yapur

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What Does a Strong U.S. Dollar Mean for Latin America?

In January, U.S. President Donald Trump said the U.S. dollar was “too strong,” a departure from the past practice of U.S. presidents, who tried to avoid making such statements and influencing currency markets. How is the U.S. dollar’s relative strength affecting Latin American and Caribbean economies, and what would a weaker dollar mean for the region?

Claudio Loser, Jose M. Barrionuevo, Uri Dadush

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Poverty is on the rise in countries facing economic recession such as Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, Nora Lustig writes below. // File Photo: Argentine Government.

What More Can Latin America Do to Reduce Poverty?

What factors are shaping extreme poverty rates in the region, and how should governments confront this challenge?

Jaana Remes, Claudio Loser, Nora Lustig, Camilo Arriagada Luco

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will Macri’s economic package alleviate citizens’ economic woes in the short and long terms, and will they win him support ahead of the October presidential election?

Will New Economic Measures Boost Argentina’s Macri?

Will Macri’s economic package alleviate Argentina’s economic woes, and will they win him support ahead of the October presidential election?

Claudio Loser, Megan Cook, Horacio Verbitsky, Andrés Asiain, Jorge Castro

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The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred debate over whether countries should provide their citizens a universal basic income. // File Photo: Mexican Government.

Should Countries Provide a Universal Basic Income?

What would a Universal Basic Income system look like in Latin America and the Caribbean, and what unintended consequences might such a system bring?

Claudio Loser, Nora Lustig, Claudio M. Loser, Mac Margolis, Paul R. Katz

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