2015-2016 Annual Report

Report Cover Photo: Alex Proimos / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

The momentous events of the past two years — culminating in a US presidential election that in many ways has unsettled its neighbors around the region — underscore how critical it is for leaders from across the spectrum of politics, business, and academia to come together to address the many and diverse challenges we face, together.

For more than three decades, this has been the central mission of the Inter-American Dialogue: to analyze, debate, and find consensus solutions to the core issues we confront as a hemisphere — and to bring new policy proposals to the attention of decision makers.

It’s a mission that we believe is more essential today than it has ever been.

This biennial report highlights some of the Dialogue’s key contributions to recent policy debates in the Americas.  We launched the report of our high-level Commission on Education, co-chaired by former presidents Ricardo Lagos and Ernesto Zedillo and announced the Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program, in honor of a Dialogue co-founder. We have also invested in the development of new and innovative projects to address some of the most pressing questions that emerged from debates over the period — immigration, climate change, energy policy,  jobs, trade and globalization, inequality, security, corruption, and the region’s dynamic relationship with the rest of the world, especially Asia.

The Dialogue will continue to push for effective and pragmatic policy-making in these areas, guided by the core goals and values that have driven and nourished our work over the past 35 years—building cooperation and fostering democratic governance, social equity, and prosperity across the Americas.