• Financiamiento estatal chino en Latinoamérica, en el nivel más bajo desde 2012

    La fuerte disminución en el 2017 se debe a que los bancos estatales chinos se abstuvieron de hacer préstamos a Venezuela, de lejos el mayor receptor de financiamiento del gigante asiático en la región desde el 2005.

    Apr 20 2018
  • Chinese Development Finance “Down But Not Out” in Latin America

    Chinese investment and lending in the region declined last year, in part reflecting skittishness over the deteriorating situation in Venezuela. Despite the drop, Chinese state-to-state finance continues to outstrip the World Bank, IDB and CAF.

    Mar 30 2018
  • Chinese Finance to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2017

    China’s record of lending in LAC continues to surpass that of other banks, even though policy banks issued only $9 billion to the region in 2017.

    Mar 8 2018
  • 中国比美国更了解拉美吗?


    Mar 1 2018
  • What and Why is China Learning from Cuban Socialism?

    For decades, Chinese leaders and scholars alike have kept a close eye on Cuba. What have they been hoping to learn?

    Feb 27 2018
  • Does China Understand Latin America Better than the U.S.?

    U.S. interests in Latin America—including vis-à-vis China—are best served by strengthening U.S.-Latin America ties, rather than highlighting China’s flaws.

    Feb 27 2018
  • Thinking Strategically about China and the U.S. in Latin America

    Fear mongering about China’s intentions in Latin America is misguided. The Chinese government is focused on better economic ties and development cooperation.

    Feb 12 2018
  • The Second China-CELAC Ministerial Forum

    This week, Latin America will convene in Chile for the Second China-CELAC Ministerial Forum. Margaret Myers, Director of the Dialogue’s Latin America and the World Program, speaks to CGTN on what to expect from the meeting. 

    Jan 22 2018
  • 迎接中墨“蜜月期”


    Dec 18 2017
  • China’s Belt and Road: What Role for Latin America?

    On December 11, the Dialogue’s Latin America and the World program convened a panel of experts to consider Latin America’s potential role in the Belt and Road Initiative.

    Dec 14 2017