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The Inter-American Dialogue announces the launch of Quality Education for All, an innovative, high-level initiative designed to promote educational reform in Latin America through the comprehensive mobilization of public and private sector leaders, the media, and civil society organizations.

The initiative will be led by a high-level commission presided by former Presidents Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico and Ricardo Lagos of Chile. The Commission held its inaugural meeting on November 15, 2014 during a special session at the Dialogue’s annual Sol M. Linowitz Forum. The Dialogue will subsequently publish and diffuse its strategic recommendations.



Better Policy for Better Education

PREAL's blog features expert analysis of cutting edge  research and current events related to education policy in Latin America.

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The Dialogue’s Education Program (PREAL) seeks to improve the quality and equity of education in Latin America. It does so by partnering with public and private organizations throughout the hemisphere to identify policy options, promote informed debate on education policy, and monitor progress toward improvement.


Ariel Fiszbein Program Director
Jeffrey Puryear Senior Fellow
Federico Sucre Program Assistant
Sarah Otis Intern
Sarah Swig Intern


A new initiative by PREAL/Inter-American Dialogue, with support from the Inter-American Development Bank, seeks to strengthen teaching and learning in Central America and the Dominican Republic by promoting better teacher policy... Read More


Learning to Work Together: Collaboration Around Ecuador's Ten-year Education Plan
By Orazio Bellettini and Adriana Arellano,
November 18, 2014.
(Lea en español)
Commission for Quality Education for All
By Ariel Fiszbein
, PREAL Blog, November 11, 2014.
(Lea en español)
Escuela Activa Urbana Promotes Non-cognitive Learning
By Jeff Puryear, Felipe Barrera-Osorio, and Maria Cortelezzi
, PREAL Blog, November 5, 2014.
(Lea en español)
Technology and Innovation to Improve Learning in LAC
By Federico Sucre and Sarah Swig
, PREAL Blog, October 28, 2014.
(Lea en español)

Only High-Quality Early Education Programs Work
By Ariel Fiszbein
, PREAL Blog, October 21, 2014.

(Lea en español)


PREAL Publications: What Do We Know About School Principals?
By José Weinstein and Gonzalo Muñoz,
December 2014.
(Lea en español)

PREAL Publications: Building Human Resources for Productivity in Latin America
By Ariel Fiszbein,
November 2014.
(Lea en español)

PREAL Publications: How Effectively do Latin American Teachers Manage Their Classrooms to Support Learning?
By Barbara Bruns and Javier Luque,
July 2014.
(Lea en español)

PREAL Publications: Can Evaluating Teachers Improve Teacher Effectiveness?
By Tamara Ortega Goodspeed and T'Nia Crutchfield, June 2014.

(Lea en español)


PREAL Publicaciones: Report Card on Education in Nicaragua, 2014 (Lea en español) February 26, 2014

PREAL Publicaciones: Policy Audit on the Dominican Republic (Lea en español) June 27, 2013

Decentralización para una Calidad Educativa: Una Tarea Pendiente June 2013

Equity is the Challenge: PREAL Launches First Education Report Card in Paraguay (Lea en español) May 7, 2013

PREAL Publicaciones: Policy Audit on Chile’s Preferential School Subsidies Program (Lea en español) March 15. 2013

First Report Card in Jamaica: Prisms of Possibility (Lea en español) January 21, 2013

La Subvención Escolar Preferencial en Chile: Mirada a su primera fase de funcionamiento January 2013

El reto es la calidad. República Dominicana 2010 November 9, 2011

Informe de Progreso Educativo, Honduras 2010 March 31, 2011


Education Reform in Chile: Challenges and Opportunities summary by Federico Sucre, June 24, 2014

Beyond Contributory Pensions summary by Jennifer Mellett, March 13, 2014

Education, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Americas summary by T'Nia Crutchfield, March 13, 2014

Educación de calidad para todos: Una agenda prioritaria presentation by Ariel Fiszbein, March 11, 2014

Lanzamiento oficial Informe de Progreso Educativo Nicaragua 2014 Nicaragua Report Card Launch, February 26, 2014

Report Card on Education in Nicaragua, 2014 Interview with Ariel Fiszbein, February 24, 2014

Presentan Informe Avances educativos 2014 interview with Ariel Fiszbein, February 20, 2014