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Colombians vote for president: Incumbent Juan Manuel Santos has faced a bruising and dramatic campaign for reelection. Access the latest Dialogue analysis from Foreign Policy, The Wall Street Journal, and the Associated Press.


The Dialogue’s Andean Program seeks to address the most pressing issues facing Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, including democratic governance, drug trafficking, energy, and international relations. The program regularly hosts meetings that brings together some of the Western Hemisphere’s most influential and recognized individuals to discuss salient topics facing the region. It also coordinates the annual meeting of the Latin America Working Group, formerly known as the Andean Working Group. Comprised of approximately thirty of the region’s leading analysts and practitioners, the Working Group discusses Latin America’s democratic, economic, social, and political development as well as the role of regional institutions and the influence of hemispheric actors, such as Brazil. 


Michael Shifter, President
Murat Dagli, Program Assistant

For more information please contact Murat Dagli at or (202) 463-2574.


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A Watershed Moment for Venezuela, by Teodoro Petkoff, July 2008. 


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The Post-Chávez Era, March 19, 2013.

Peru's Political and Institutional Agenda: A Conversation with the Speaker of Congress, February 21, 2013.



Criticism Of Israel By Latin American Nations May Be Tinged With Anti-U.S. Sentiment, Analysts Say, featuring commentary by Peter Hakim, Fox News Latino, 31 July 2014.

Colombia presidential election,
Michael Shifter in CCTV 2 June 2014.

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The Commitment to Equity Assessment (CEQ)
Nora Lustig on CDG’s “Wonkcast” 12 May 2014.

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Corte IDH: Salida de Venezuela de la Convención de DDHH fue un golpe para ese sistema, the Dialogue in Venezuela al Día, 16 December 2013.

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Santos le pedirá a Obama un apoyo al posconflicto, Michael Shifter in Semana, December 3, 2013.