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Former president of Chile Sebastián Piñera joins the Dialogue.

Donna Shalala to lead the Clinton Foundation

Bernie Aronson will serve as the new US Special Envoy for the Colombian Peace Process

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NEW REPORT: Filling The Gap: How the US Energy Boom is Shaping Refining Markets in Latin America

The surge in unconventional oil and gas production in North America has dramatically shifted energy markets in the Americas, with important implications for Latin America and the Caribbean. A new report by Lisa Viscidi, Director of the Energy, Climate Change and Extractive Industries Program at the Inter-American Dialogue, examines the factors behind rising oil demand and the growing deficit in refining capacity in Latin America, as well as the geopolitical implications of increasing US oil product exports to the region.

Click here to access a PDF of the report. (Español)

To learn more about the energy program at the Dialogue, click here.

The Dialogue just released a series of report cards on teacher quality in Central America and the Dominican Republic designed to strengthen the capacity of national groups to analyze education policy and create a cohort of energized leaders - governmental and nongovernmental - capable of promoting reforms.

This is part of a two-year project, led by the Dialogue's Education Program, designed to strengthen civil society support for improving teacher policy in the region. On March, the Dialogue, in collaboration with national partners and the Inter-American Development Bank, hosted a high-level seminar in Panama where civil society members, academics, government officials, and other education experts convened to discuss the issue. For more information on the event, and to access the report cards, click here.

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Confronting Mexico's Security Challenges

March 9 , 2015| Bruno Binetti
With last September’s disappearance of 43 students and the strong public reaction to the country’s most serious citizen security incident in a decade, security challenges in Mexico have taken new public prominence. What have been the successes and failures of Peña Nieto’s security strategy? MORE

U.S. Policy Shift on Cuba: Three-Month Assessment

March 23 , 2015| Gene Kuleta
In the panel discussion, organized by the Dialogue and held at the Washington office of law firm Holland & Knight, experts expressed optimism that the historic thaw between the Cold War foes will continue and will present opportunities for U.S.-based companies in areas such as agriculture and travel. MORE

What's Happening with the Nicaragua Canal?

March 17 , 2015| Margaret Myers
Since it first surfaced in 2013, the ambitious project, with an estimated cost of $50 billion, has been a source of controversy in both Nicaragua and throughout the region.To what extent are Nicaraguans expecting much progress on canal construction in the coming years? MORE

Inequality and Poverty in Uruguay by Race

March 9 , 2015| Bucheli, Rossi, and Amábile
This study analyzes the effect of fiscal policy by race and ethnicity in Uruguay. The paper seeks to discover whether the reduction in inequality and poverty benefits a particular ethno-racial group over others or if it affects ethno-racial groups equally. MORE

Abortion and Reproductive Rights in Latin America: Implications for Democracy

March 2015
On June 10, 2014, the Dialogue and the Center for Reproductive Rights organized a symposium on the state of reproductive rights in Latin America. This resulting report, contains rich analysis and thoughtful recommendations. MORE

Latinos' Views on U.S. Foreign Policy

February 24, 2015| Ezgi Irgil
Based on an analysis of data from The Council’s annual public opinion survey,  the report reveals surprising similarities in outlook between Latino and non-Latino populations on critical foreign and security policy questions, but highlights interesting areas of divergence as well.  MORE

Remittances to LAC in 2014

February 24, 2015| Samantha Carter
Manuel Orozco, senior fellow at the Dialogue, shared the main findings of a new report on remittance flows to the region, which grew modestly in 2014. This event was held as part of the Dialogue’s Remittance Industry Observatory. You can see this report hereMORE

Civil Society Consultation on the Summit of the Americas

February 20, 2015| Caitlin Reilly
The Dialogue hosted a private Civil Society Consultation on the Summit of the Americas. This closed-door session offered an opportunity for US government officials to present their priorities and goals for the Summit to be held in Panama in April, and to solicit reactions and viewpoints from civil society leaders. MORE

Social Security in Latin America

February 19, 2015| Federico Sucre
The Dialogue hosted a special roundtable discussion marking the release of Social Insurance, Informality, and Labor Markets: How to Protect Workers While Creating Good Jobs. The discussion featured the book’s co-authors Carmen Pagés and David Robalino MORE

Death of a Prosecutor

February 11, 2015| Murat Dagli
According to polls, the circumstances surrounding the Nisman case have dealt a severe blow to confidence in the Kirchner government and the country’s judicial and intelligence institutions. What is the significance of the current moment and what does it reveal about politics and institutions? MORE

Challenges to Freedom of Expression

February 11, 2015| Caitlin Reilly
On February 11, 2015, the Inter-American Dialogue and the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hosted a half-day symposium on the central issues facing the hemisphere related to freedom of expression. MORE

Fiscal Policy and Ethno-Racial Inequality in Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala and Uruguay

January 2015| Nora Lustig
The Dialogue is pleased to share the latest Commitment to Equity working paper. In this report, senior fellow Nora Lustig analyzes how much poverty and inequality change following state fiscal interventions in Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, and Uruguay. MORE

Policia Nacional de los colombianos, via Flickr, CC by SA 2.0

A Conversation with Juan Carlos Pinzón

30 January
| Juan Misle
In 2015, Colombia enters a critical phase in the effort to end the country's longstanding armed conflict. Minister Pinzón shared his thoughts about the role of Colombia's armed forces and national police in the peace process, as well as the post-conflict scenario. MORE

What's Next for China and Latin America?

7 January
| Margaret Myers
The Dialogue’s China program begins 2015 with an assessment of China evolving approach to energy engagement in Latin America. In our newest report, Iacob-Koch Weser examines China’s energy security challenges and implications for the region. MORE
Source: Wikipedia Commons

Cuba and the U.S.

22 December
| Murat Dagli
The Dialogue and Brookings Institution held a public meeting to discuss the renewal of U.S.-Cuban Relations in light of presidents’ Obama and Castro’s announcement last Wednesday.This was the first public event in Washington D.C. on the issue  MORE