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Lagging Behind: A Report Card on Education in Latin America, 2001

June 1, 2001

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This is the first report card on education in Latin America. It offers the best information available on aspects of education—access, quality, and equity—that are crucial to improving learning. It is based on the conviction that transparency is essential to good education and that parents, students, and employers have a right to know how schools are organized, how much they cost, and what they produce.

In The Future at Stake, PREAL’s Task Force on Education Equity and Economic Competitiveness argued that four core problems—(1) a failure to set standards for student learning and to evaluate performance; (2) the absence of authority and accountability at the school level; (3) poor teaching; and (4) insufficient investment in primary and secondary education—lie at the root of Latin America’s quantity, quality, and equity gaps.

Our review of efforts over the past three years suggests that only limited progress has been made to remedy these problems. While many countries have expressed a strong commitment to improving education and have undertaken reforms to make schools better, results have been slow in coming.

English (above), Portuguese, and Spanish.