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A Press Roundtable on President Dilma Rousseff’s Visit to Washington

By Kim Covington
April 5, 2012

A written summary of this event will be posted shortly.

President Rousseff is coming to Washington one year after President Obama’s visit to Brazil. The agenda they will be dealing with has not changed much in the interim. How to strengthen the economic relations between the two countries remains the key challenge. Such global concerns as the uncertain state of the world economy, the governance of the World Bank and other international institutions, and developments in Iran and other Middle Eastern nations will also be prominent. And with the sixth Summit of the Americas a week later, the two presidents will surely talk about regional challenges—such as Cuba, Haiti, and drug policy, as well crime and violence problems, rising protectionism in many countries, and perhaps the state of inter-American institutions.

Brazil experts Paulo Soltero, of the Woodrow Wilson Center and Joao Augusto de Castro Neves from the Eurasia Group joined with Peter Hakim and Michael Shifter at the Inter-American Dialogue on April 5 to discuss the prospects for Dilma's visit and the future of US-Brazil relations.