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The Dialogue will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the  Linowitz Forum on November 13, 2014. MORE

Peter D. Bell, a founder and chair emeritus of the Inter-American Dialogue, passed away April 4 following a valiant battle with cancer. Click here for a tribute by Dialogue president emeritus, Peter Hakim. MORE

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Literary giant Gabriel García Márquez passed away on April 17 in his home in Mexico City. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982 (click here for his remarks). In this article for El País, Dialogue member Fernando Cepeda pays tribute to that legacy.

Chronicled in this 1999 article by Michael Shifter, Márquez addressed a group of 100 young Latin American leaders assembled in Paris on what the new millennium held for the region. During that gathering, he said, "Don't expect anything from the 21st century, it is the 21st century that should expect everything from you."

Unrest and Division in Venezuela

19 April | An interview with Michael Shifter
In the context of a violent political struggle, PBS NewsHour takes a look at the first year of the Maduro presidency in Venezuela. Dialogue president and member, Michael Shifter and Moisés Naím, explore the country's outlook. MORE

Argentina's Economy and Politics

14 April | By T'Nia Cruthcfield
With presidential elections on the horizon in Argentina, the Dialogue convened two leading experts to discuss the current economic and political situation in the country. Special attention was paid to the economic policies under the Fernández administration. MORE

China-Latin America Finance Database

7 April | By Paul Shortell
Profiled by both The Economist and A Folha de São Paulo, this interactive database tracks Chinese lending to Latin America since 2005. Now updated with 2013 data, the tool was relaunched alongside a report analyzing recent developments in the relationship. MORE

Ecuador's Political Outlook

10 April | By Caitlin Reilly

In February, Ecuador held important elections for municipal and regional governments. For Rafael Correa, the outcome was mixed. To illuminate these results and speak more broadly about Ecuador's political landscape, a leading expert spoke at the Dialogue. MORE

Economic Status and Remittance Behavior 

3 April | By Manuel Orozco & Mariellen Jewers
What are the key trends in remittance behavior and migrants' financial inclusion? This report (aquí en español) explores these and other critical questions. The Dialogue held a launch event for the report, featuring its author and other experts. MORE

Credit: Efecto Naim

Towards Bipartisan Energy Policy

7 April | By Thomas McLarty
As someone with long experience in the energy business, I can remember a time when a debate about how to exercise America’s energy muscle on the world stage would have been unthinkable. Instead, we would have been worried about shortages and our energy vulnerability? MORE

Credit: Flags of Costa Rica in front of the country's Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE)/Tucancillo/CC BY-SA 3.0

The Challenges Facing Costa Rica

2 April | Expert Q&A from the Latin America Advisor
Costa Rica's anti-establishment candidate, Luis Guillermo Solís, has won the country's presidential election. What are the biggest challenges he will face? What types of policy changes can be expected from his administration? To what extent will he  work with Costa Rica's business community? MORE

Credit: Rigostar

The Fight Against Corruption

1 April | Expert Q&A from the Latin America Advisor
Former Guatemalan President Alfonso Portillo pleaded guilty March 18 in New York to conspiring to launder $2.5 million of public money through a U.S. bank. Is Portillo's plea deal a turning point for anti-corruption efforts in Latin America? Are other efforts at combatting corruption making progress?  MORE

By en:User:Sagitario (en:User:Sagitario) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Modified.

Latin America in a Changing World

31 March | Long-term Global Trends Newsletter
As government agencies, corporations, and banks across the world focus their attention on long-term global trends, Latin America and the Caribbean are falling behind. Few regional institutions are engaged in the sort of research that is essential to understanding these trends. MORE

Credit: Jorge Andrés Paparoni Bruzual/CC BY-SA 2.0

The State of Freedoms in Venezuela

26 March | A Conversation on Human Rights
Since early February, anti-government demonstrations have rocked Venezuela. The repressive response of President Nicolás Maduro, the hand-picked successor of the late Hugo Chávez, has violated democratic norms and speaks to the semi-authoritarian nature of his presidency. MORE

US Disengagement from Latin America

25 March | Congressional Testimony by Michael Shifter
Washington’s inability to measurably influence the unfolding tragedy in Venezuela has given a renewed rise to questioning about the US’s role in Latin America. The concern is valid. But mere criticism of the current administration is somewhat misplaced. MORE

Credit: Sergio Massa/Presidencia de la Nación Argentina/CC BY 2.0

Argentina y EEUU

25 Marzo | Una Conversación con Sergio Massa
"Queremos construir un vínculo importante con EEUU, pero los argentinos no queremos entrar en esa lógica vulgar que se llamó relaciones carnales ,” dijo Sergio Massa durante un evento del Diálogo. Y explicó que, para eso, hay que “ser serios y defender los derechos de la Argentina.” MÁS

Credit: Protestors in Maracaibo, Venezuela/María Alejandra Mora (SoyMAM)/CC BY-SA 3.0

Crisis in Venezuela

Featured Articles by Dialogue Experts 
Hakim in El Faro (English, Español) and on Latin Pulse. Shifter in El Colombiano (English, Español). Arriagada in La Tercera (Español). Former presidents and Dialogue members issue joint declaration (English, Español). The Advisor asks, "Will Venezuela's Deadly Protests Spin Out of Control?"

Governance & Leadership

21 March | A Conversation with Dialogue Members
What governance challenges face Latin America's leaders? Dialogue president Michael Shifter and Dialogue members Juan Manuel Santos and Moisés Naím participated in a panel discussion in Bogota, Colombia moderated by Caracol Radio's Diana Calderón. MORE

Credit: Varodrig/CC BY-SA 3.0

Natural Gas in Central America

7 March | By Paul Shortell, Kathryn Baragwanath and Carlos Sucre
Natural gas has the potential to reduce Central America's high energy costs and mitigate its dependence on imported oil. The authors evaluate these opportunities and the challenges of natural gas use in the electricity sector. MORE

Credit: San Salvador, El Salvador/José Alejandro Álvarez Ramírez/CC BY 3.0

The Ongoing Security Disconnect

28 February | By Héctor Silva Ávalos
Organized crime, rampant corruption, and large scale violence have stunted the economic and social development of Central America's Northern Triangle since the end of the region's civil wars in the 1990s. How effective has US aid been in reversing climbing homicide and crime rates? MORE