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The Drug Problem in the Americas

 9 September | Marielle Coutrix
The OAS produced  a landmark report on hemispheric drug policies last year, which sets out  the data and analysis that make clear the risks of sticking with current approaches. It also carefully lays out the alternatives, which present their own risks and benefits. MORE
Source: Wikipedia Commons

Energy and Mining in Colombia

 28 August | Paul Shortell
Newly appointed Mines and Energy Minister Tomás González stressed the important role of the oil and mining sectors in funding government efforts to promote peace and economic development in Colombia at a private meeting hosted by the Dialogue in Bogotá, Colombia. MORE

Venezuela: Future Prospects

 14 August | Amanda Mitchell
Nicolás Maduro is struggling to manage a deteriorating political and economic situation.  It is also unclear what the consequences will be of the Obama administration’s recently announced visa sanctions directed at Venezuelan government officials for human rights abuses. MORE

Santos' Second Term: What to Expect?

 23 July | Amanda Mitchell
Santos enters his second term hoping to finalize negotiations with the FARC and ELN to end the country’s 50 year-long conflict, to continue Colombia’s macroeconomic success, and to provide long-needed improvements in infrastructure and services. MORE

COP20, Climate Change, and Energy

 17 July | Latin America Advisor
The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP20, will be held this December in Lima, Peru. What are the opportunities for progress and regional cooperation on climate change in the Americas? What does it mean for the region's energy sector moving forward?. MORE

Central American Child Migrants 

 16 July | Brigid Carmichael
The Dialogue hosted a discussion on US policy toward unaccompanied minors featuring Rubén Zamora, former ambassador of El Salvador to the United States and Doris Meissner, founder of the Migration Policy Institute. What are some of the root causes that are pushing migration? MORE

Senate Testimony: Challenges at the Border 

 16 July | Michael Shifter
President Obama has requested $3.7 billion from Congress in order to deal with the crisis, the bulk of which will target the situation from the U.S. side of the border. Michael Shifter shared his views in front of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. MORE

Forum on Media in Latin America

 26-27 June |
Public media has been in the spotlight of Latin America over the past years. Issues of press freedom and media pluralism have assumed priority in much of the region’s agenda, with countries trying to pass ambitious reforms in order to increase media access for their citizens. MORE

Brazil's Oil and Gas Sector

26 June | By Juan Osuna and Mackenzie Welch
Brazil holds some of the world’s largest oil fields in the deep-water pre-salt, and recent bidding has drawn investment from international oil companies. Although regulations have limited bidding, contracts with foreign companies have still increased. MORE

Drug Policy in the Western Hemisphere

25 June | By Mackenzie Welch
Combating the drug trade has been at the top of the U.S. policy agenda in the Western Hemisphere for over a decade. Despite this focus and 6.7 billion dollars spent in intervention, violence and drug trafficking continue to threaten regional security. MORE

Mexico's Energy Reform

 24 June | By Juan Osuna 
Mexico's energy reform
secondary laws are being debated on the senate floor; yet the complexity of the legislation and lack of government resources, coupled with partisan disputes, have delayed approval. Nonetheless, secondary laws are expected to be passed by August. MORE

Panama's New President

 24 June | By Murat Dagli
Panama’s new president, Juan Carlos Varela, assumes office on July 1st. He now confronts a complicated political landscape that has been dominated by his predecessor, Ricardo Martinelli, and whose party continues to be the strongest in Congress. MORE

Chile's Education Reform

 24 June | By Federico Sucre
Since 2011 Chile has been rocked by powerful student protests that call for greater education quality and equity.  Bachelet recently submitted a proposal to Congress in May hailed as “Chile's most significant education reform in 50 years.” MORE

Juan Manuel Santos Reelected

 16 June | By Michael Shifter
Can Santos finally make pace in Colombia? After one of the nastiest presidential campaigns in recent memory, Colombians savored a few moments of civility on Sunday night, when they reelected President Juan Manuel Santos to a second four-year term. MORE

Symposium on Reproductive Rights in Latin America

10 June | By Josh Manley
How do Latin America’s total abortion bans affect women’s health and human rights and society at large? Who should make decisions about whether to end a pregnancy? Should society understand abortion from a religious or public health perspective? MORE

Mexico's Electricity Reform

9 June | By Lisa Viscidi & Paul Shortell
While Mexico’s oil and gas reform has stolen the limelight both at home and abroad, the country's recent electricity reform is arguably more critical for the country’s economic growth, trade and fiscal budget. Lowering costs will be critical for the country's future. MORE

Brazil's South American Project

9 June | By Matias Spektor
Accounting for roughly half of the continent’s area, population, GDP, and defense spending, Brazil is the unquestioned power in South America. Yet, despite its regional clout, Spektor argues, Brazil’s role and vision within its immediate sphere is far from clear. MORE

Where is Brazil Headed?

 9 June | By Murat Dagli
This has been one the most consequential years for Brazil in recent memory. To explore the prospects and challenges facing Latin America's largest country, the Dialogue hosted a panel of esteemed experts and policymakers. MORE

Costa Rica's President Visits the Dialogue

 12 June | By Megan Cook
During his first visit to the United States as president, as well as his only public appearance in Washington, Luis Guillermo Solís addressed a wide array of issues - including investment, foreign policy, security, and fiscal concerns. MORE

Debate: Chile's Reform Agenda

11 June
| By Celeste Castillejo
President Bachelet has started her term with an ambitious and controversial agenda that includes tax, education and constitutional reforms aimed at addressing the country’s inequality. The Dialogue hosted three experts to debate these and other issues. MORE

Mexico's Energy Reform

6 June
| By Paul Shortell
Mexico’s power sector faces major challenges.The results of the pending energy reforms may fall well short of government promises and public expectations, cautioned energy experts Horacio Cuevas and Nicolas Puga during a recent event..  MORE

A Divided Colombia Goes to the Polls

4 June
| By Murat Dagli
To explain the dramatic turns the presidential campaign in Colombia has taken, as well as the country's future outlook, the Dialogue hosted three esteemed journalists who engaged in a dynamic discussion moderated by Michael Shifter. MORE

Guatemala lucha contra la impunidad

5 June | Por Latin America Advisor
Después del nombramiento de un nuevo fiscal general, Alfred Kaltschmitt, Víctor Gálvez Borrell, Carlos Sabino y Mario Polanco comentan en el Latin America Advisor sobre la perspectiva para el sistema de justicia de Guatemala. MÁS

Se avecinan tormentas en la educación

26 May | Por Ariel Fiszbein
En un artículo publicado en El País, Ariel Fiszbein - director de política educativa en el Diálogo - argumenta que podemos esperar que un número creciente de gobiernos van a decidir avanzar con reformas educativas en América Latina. MORE

Impact Evaluations & Education Policies

27 May | By Richard J. Murnane and Alejandro J. Ganimian
This PREAL Working Paper by Richard J. Murnane and Alejandro J. Ganimian distills four main lessons for pre K-12 education policy in Latin America from impact evaluations in developing countries throughout the world. MORE

El Salvador's Uncertain Future

15 May | By Inés Renique
he Inter-American Dialogue and American University’s Center for Latin American and Latino Studies hosted a discussion with Congressman Jim McGovern on the political influence of organized crime in El Salvador, with a focus on the national civil police. MORE

Looking at China's Metal Markets

15 May | By Paul Shortell
The Dialogue hosted a discussion on trends in China’s metals markets, focusing on the drivers of Chinese demand and market interaction. These trends are of critical interest for Latin American exports, and will be a major determinant of future growth. MORE

Uruguay's Mujica Visits Washington

14 May | By Megan Cook
Uruguayan President José Mujica, in Washington to visit U.S. counterpart Barack Obama, called on professors from the United States to teach in Uruguay and defended his country's creation of a legal marijuana market. The Dialogue's daily Advisor covers the visit. MORE

Latest CEQ Report: Costa Rica

8 May | A Commitment to Equity Report
The Commitment to Equity (CEQ) was designed to analyze the impact of taxation and social spending on inequality and poverty in individual countries, This initiative's latest report looks at Costa Rica, Central America's most egalitarian nation. MORE

El Poder de la Simpleza

 5 May | Por Ariel Fiszbein
Los problemas complejos nos llevan muchas veces a buscar soluciones complicadas. Eso frecuentemente nos traba: nos quedamos discutiendo y sin actuar, o formulamos cambios que son difíciles de implementar. MORE

The Promise of Participation

 2 May | An Event on Participatory Governance
Political scientists have long wondered whether civic participation can have spillover effects — that is, whether civic participation in one particular domain of public life can lead to more participation in other areas. Find out more from this recent Dialogue event. MORE
What do Great Teachers Do?

1 May | By Jeff Puryear
Dialogue Senior Fellow Jeffrey Puryear summarizes the findings of Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion. Based on years of observation of high-performing teachers, the book offers 49 classroom techniques that can significantly increase the test scores of the poorest students. MORE

Perspectives on Central America's Crime

1 May | A Conversation on Security Policy
Two acclaimed Salvadoran journalists discuss the challenges and developments in Central America's criminal landscape. Their visit coincides with the release of their recent volume on the issue, Crónicas Negras. MORE

A Crucial Moment for Venezuela

26 April | By Michael Shifter

The recent dialogue between the administration of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition is an encouraging sign. But don't get too optimistic, warns Michael Shifter, the obstacles to lasting political stability in the country remain formidable. MORE

Making Chávez Possible

23 April | A Review by Michael Shifter

While much ink is spent debating the virtues of Hugo Chávez, the period leading up to his presidency is vital to understanding his 14-year rule. Writing for Harvard's Revista magazine, Michael Shifter explores those themes. MORE

Venezuela's Progressive Conscience

 23 April | By The Economist

One of Venezuela's foremost public intellectuals and politicians - as well as a member of the Dialogue - Teodoro Petkoff was profiled by The Economist. Apart paying tribute to his contributions, the article raises important questions on press freedom. MORE

A Conversation on Mexico

 22 April | A Roundtable with Mexico's Ambassador to the US
The Dialogue was delighted to receive Eduardo Medina Mora, Mexico's ambassador to the White House, for a special, off-the-record discussion with experts on the current situation in his country. Topics ranged from the president's reform agenda to security. MORE

Consequences of the Energy Boom

16 April | By Paul Shortell
North America's energy boom is upending global relations, and is of particular consequence for Latin America. Analysts and industry experts gathered at the Dialogue to discuss what the new energy landscape means for inter-American relations. MORE
Mexico's Security Trap

16 April | A Joint Dialogue Event
In conjunction with the Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute, the Dialogue sponsored a panel discussion on the security situation in Mexico and its implications for democratic governance and the country's political outlook. MORE

Unrest and Division in Venezuela

19 April | An Interview with Michael Shifter
In the context of a violent political struggle, PBS NewsHour takes a look at the first year of the Maduro presidency in Venezuela. Dialogue president and member, Michael Shifter and Moisés Naím, explore the country's outlook. MORE

Argentina's Economy and Politics

14 April | By T'Nia Cruthcfield
With presidential elections on the horizon in Argentina, the Dialogue convened two leading experts to discuss the current economic and political situation in the country. Special attention was paid to the economic policies under the Fernández administration. MORE

China-Latin America Finance Database

7 April | By Paul Shortell
Profiled by both The Economist and A Folha de São Paulo, this interactive database tracks Chinese lending to Latin America since 2005. Now updated with 2013 data, the tool was relaunched alongside a report analyzing recent developments in the relationship. MORE

Ecuador's Political Outlook

10 April | By Caitlin Reilly

In February, Ecuador held important elections for municipal and regional governments. For Rafael Correa, the outcome was mixed. To illuminate these results and speak more broadly about Ecuador's political landscape, a leading expert spoke at the Dialogue. MORE

Economic Status and Remittance Behavior 

3 April | By Manuel Orozco & Mariellen Jewers
What are the key trends in remittance behavior and migrants' financial inclusion? This report (aquí en español) explores these and other critical questions. The Dialogue held a launch event for the report, featuring its author and other experts. MORE

Credit: Efecto Naim

Towards Bipartisan Energy Policy

7 April | By Thomas McLarty
As someone with long experience in the energy business, I can remember a time when a debate about how to exercise America’s energy muscle on the world stage would have been unthinkable. Instead, we would have been worried about shortages and our energy vulnerability? MORE