• Trump’s Withdrawal From the Paris Agreement

    President Donald Trump’s announcement on June 1 that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement was met with widespread dismay and fears that the decision would put the entire global agreement in peril.

    Jun 23 2017
  • El retiro de Estados Unidos del Acuerdo de París

    Después del anuncio de Trump, muchos líderes latinoamericanos condenaron la decisión de Estados Unidos de abandonar el Acuerdo de París y reiteraron su compromiso con los objetivos del cambio climático.

    Jun 12 2017
  • Congressional Testimony

    Congressional testimony of Energy, Climate Change and Extractive Industries Program Director Lisa Viscidi before the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs – Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere

    May 17 2017
  • US-Latin America Energy Investment

    While the Trump administration’s “America first” policies are aimed primarily at giving higher priority to national security and economic growth for the United States, the White House’s approach will have impacts on energy relations with the rest of the hemisphere that should also be considered.

    May 16 2017
  • Energy policy and the outlook for oil and gas in Brazil

    Brazil is on track to double its oil and gas production following a series of energy policy reforms aimed at increasing investment.

    May 9 2017
  • A conversation with Colombian Environment Minister Luis Gilberto Murillo

    As Colombia begins the multi-year process of implementing last year’s peace accord, it is vital to balance environmental conservation with the need for sustainable economic development.

    May 4 2017
  • Mexican officials urge continued energy integration with US at congressional briefing

    Mexico’s energy reform has led to a remarkable boost in investment, and the expected increase in the country’s crude oil production will strengthen energy security not only for Mexico but also at the regional level.

    Apr 10 2017
  • US – Latin America Energy Investment under the Trump Administration

    On March 7th, the Inter-American Dialogue and CAF-Development Bank of Latin America organized a roundtable with a diverse group of experts to provide input for a forthcoming report on US investment in Latin American energy.

    Mar 8 2017
  • Trump and Latin American Energy: The Costs of Cutting Ties

    Cuts to Washington’s energy engagement could undermine the connections that help support U.S.–Latin American cooperation on issues from security to immigration. When it comes to weakening energy integration in the Americas, there are few winners.

    Feb 24 2017
  • Colombia’s peace deal brings opportunity for environmental protection

    Peace in Colombia promises to bring many environmental benefits to the country but also poses environmental risks associated with the rural development plans contemplated in the post-conflict agenda.

    Feb 23 2017