• Facilitating Asia-Latin America Trade Linkages

    An overview of trade relations between Latin America and individual East Asian nations.

    Mar 2 2017
  • Chinese Finance to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2016

    The year 2016 was the third highest on record for Chinese state-to-state finance in Latin America.

    Feb 23 2017
  • REVIEW – Latin America and the Asian Giants

    The likelihood that the U.S. will play a diminishing role in economic and political affairs in places like Brazil and Colombia has given Asian nations an opening to assert greater influence.

    Jan 26 2017
  • China, América Latina & Chile 2030

    Las exportaciones a China de América Latina pasaron de 6 mil millones a 140 mil millones de dólares, 23 veces entre esos años, cifras raramente vistas en el comercio internacional. Los efectos han sido sustanciales.

    Dec 14 2016
  • The Changing Currents of Transpacific Integration

    The Inter-American Dialogue and Lynne Rienner Publishers are pleased to announce the release of The Changing Currents of Transpacific Integration: China, the TPP, and Beyond, co-edited by Adrian H. Hearn and Margaret Myers.

    Nov 11 2016
  • Book: China’s Latin America partners are engaging on new terms

    China-Latin America expert Margaret Myers talks about her new book on how China is changing its approach across the continent.

    Oct 26 2016
  • Chinese Migration to Latin America and the Caribbean

    LAC has seen an uptake in often temporary flows of Chinese migrants post-2005, in association with growing Chinese investment in the region.

    Oct 3 2016
  • China’s Venezuela Conundrum

    The government of Nicolás Maduro has made some last-ditch efforts to cut costs and pay off debts, but it is quickly running out of lifelines.

    Aug 15 2016
  • Domando al dragón: China, la Alianza del Pacífico y la Asociación Transpacífica

    América Latina busca un equilibrio entre los beneficios que obtiene de sus asociaciones con Asia y sus alianzas más antiguas.

    Aug 5 2016
  • 墨西哥经济将进入更困难的时期吗?


    Jul 18 2016