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The Inter-American Dialogue convenes events ranging from small briefings to major conferences throughout the year across an array of critical issue areas—Latin American trade and investment links, economic and political trends, energy integration, globalization and poverty, education reform, women and political power, remittances and migration, race discrimination in Latin America, the challenges facing the countries of the Andean region, the changing politics and economics of Cuba, the precarious equilibrium in Haiti, and ongoing threats to press freedom in the Americas.

We welcome the participation in our events of informed people with diverse backgrounds and from across the political spectrum. Because space is limited, we cannot publicly list upcoming events, in general. To receive invitations, please select from the two options below:

1) I work with a business or corporation and would like to attend events.

2) I have a personal interest in your events.

Written summaries of recent events are available to the public. All sessions are "on the record" unless specifically noted. To search for an event, please visit the Publications Search page.

Climate Change and Latin America: The outlook for COP 20 and beyond

China's Growing Presence in the Caribbean

Politics and Possibilities for Immigration Reform

A Conversation with Colombia's Minister of Labor, Luis Eduardo Garzón

Evo's Journey: Discussion of the Bolivian Elections

A Conversation with Mauricio Cárdenas, Colombia's Minster of Finance

A New Course for Brazil?

Reminder--Immigration Policy: What's Next?

Time Change--A Conversation with Simón Gaviria: Colombia's Director of National Planning

Drug Challenges in the Americas: A Conversation with José Miguel Insulza

Venezuela: Prospects for an Uncertain Future

Child Migrants from Central America: Research Findings

Reminder: Santos' Second Term: What to Expect?

Young Migrants and US Policy

Media Forum: Freedom of the Press and Digital Transformations in Latin America

The Outlook for Petrobras and Brazil's Oil Sector

Media Forum: Freedom of the Press and Digital Transformations in Latin America

RSVP NOW: U.S. Drug Policy in the Western Hemisphere

The Outlook for Panama's New President

Education Reform in Chile: Challenges and Opportunities

Financial Education and Inclusion in Mexico

CANCELED: A Conversation with Congressman Gregory Meeks

A Conversation with President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís

What does Bachelet’s reform agenda mean for the ‘Chilean model’?

Agenda: Reproductive Rights Symposium

Mexico's Energy Reform: What's Next for Gas and Electricity?

Education Programs that Work: What Latin America Can Learn from Global Education Research

A Discussion of China-Brazil Energy Relations

Book Launch and Discussion: Police and Organized Crime in El Salvador

What's Happening in China's Metals Markets?

The Promise of Participation: Civic Engagement in Honduras and Guatemala

Perspectives on Crime and Violence in Central America

What Does North America's Energy Boom Mean for Latin America?

Argentina’s Economic and Political Prospects

Implications of Ecuador’s Elections and Political Outlook

Chinese Finance in Latin America: What Happened in 2013?

Report Launch: Economic Status and Remittance Behavior among Latin American and Caribbean Migrants in the Post-Recession Period

The Human Rights Situation in Venezuela

A Conversation with Sergio Massa, National Deputy of Argentina

A Conversation with the Head of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti

Beyond Contributory Pensions

CANCELLED A Conversation with Luis Guillermo Solís

CANCELLED: Implications of Ecuador’s Elections and Political Outlook

Pressing Issues in Central America & Mexico

Remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2013

POSTPONED: A Conversation with Costa Rica's Foreign Minister

The Implications of El Salvador's Elections

The Implications of Costa Rica's Elections