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Dialogues on Democracy  

The Inter-American Dialogue, in cooperation with the Organization of American States, will conduct a series of well-prepared, two-day national workshops with 25 to 30 top-ranked and well-known political analysts whose views carry weight with politicians, policymakers, the private sector, the media, and citizens interested in politics.  Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala are the countries where the workshops will be held. The analysts will:
  • Discuss the condition of democratic governance in their country, the setbacks and advances democracy has registered in recent years, and the major weaknesses and challenges it will confront in the coming period.
  • Identify the high-priority tasks that need to get done in order to strengthen and deepen democracy, and build the credibility of democratic institutions and leaders.
  • Develop concrete benchmarks or guideposts against which to measure progress into the future (which, if done well, should set a firmer basis for future assessments).
  • Discuss the role of external actors—especially the United States—in the process of democratic consolidation.
Quickly following each national workshop, the Dialogue issues a report on the country prepared by one of the participants.  The findings and recommendations of the country report are used to promote broader public exchanges on democratic governance and consolidation. We worked with the national media to obtain news coverage for the resulting debates and discussion.


Colombia: Dos décadas de la Constitución de 1991, Avances de la representación y retos de la gobernabilidad.
June 2010.

La República Dominicana: Una democracia para vivir mejor. May 2009.

Dominican Republic: Democracy for a Better Life. June 2009.


"Colombia: Two decades of the Constitution of 1991, Advances of representation and challenges of governance." Chinauta, Cundinamarca, Colombia. April 23-25, 2009.

"Chile: Twenty Years After the Plebiscite." Reñaca, Chile. June 26-28, 2008.

"Dominican Republic: Democracy for a Better Life." Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. October 5-7, 2007.

"Guatemala: Ten Years After the Peace Accords." Antigua, Guatemala. March 22-24, 2007.


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Marifeli Pérez-Stable
Non-Resident Senior Fellow